Sapfo® | Basic

Papadellis is a family business that specializes in the production and processing of olive oil in Mytilene, since 1980.

Symbol of the logo is the flower of the olive tree, which in a single stroke forms a “sfirida” (a special filter consisting of a round and flat mesh of coarse fibers used in the olive oil press), in order to visualize the integrated services that the business offers, from the harvest up to the production process.

Sapfo® extra virgin olive oil is a unique olive oil, meticulously collected from the mountains and dry areas of Mytilene (Lesvos).

The name Sapfo® is inspired by the poetess Sappho, the tenth muse according to Plato, born in Mytilene (Lesvos).

For the Basic series, a bottle with a special “tear” shape was selected, in order to remind the flow of the olive oil.

The shape of the tag of the bottle was inspired by ancient pottery pieces. The colors and typography create a plain label that aims to travel the consumer to the simplicity of ancient times and to tradition.

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