Sea Bream with Kumquat & Herbs in the oven

Being a food blogger is a lot of things. You are a cooker, a researcher a curator of old recipes, an inventor to new, a photographer, and an author, all at the same time. And there is one thing you are not. A machine. Is not an easy story to be a full time professional food blogger and although many people believe you are unerring, just preforming and enjoying your hobby, you are actually a full time worker, not just 9.00-5.00p.m employee but a committed full time obligator to our duties.

Imam Bayildi Special

I have probably said this a lot of times by now, but in my country, Summer is a long story. So long, that starts from around April and ends at November! For some of you this might sounds like amazing, but for us the Greeks, who live summer nearly 300 days a year, this is quite frustrating.

Authentic Greek Salad with fresh oregano & extra virgin greek olive oil Sapfo

I love my job. I really do. And I feel so blessed, that unlike other people I am doing what I love, in an everyday basis and without any obligations. My work is full of new challenges daily, new experiences, new customers and customers that become friends. One of those new challenges and experience was my acquaintance with Sapfo® pure Greek olive oil and the Papadellis Olive oil company. 

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